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Roles and Responsibilities

BUSC Players

Upon offer and acceptance of team placement, players are expected to participate in all activities for their teams. Attending training sessions, league games, and tournaments are critical to player, team, and club development. Most importantly, consistent attendance at club functions helps ensure an enjoyable experience for all members.

Players will:

  • Train and play to the best of their ability and have a positive attitude
  • Respect referee decisions and display exemplary sportsmanship
  • Respect coaches, opponents, and teammates
  • Wear club training attire to training
  • Bring an inflated ball and appropriate soccer attire to all training sessions, including shin guards
  • Give positive encouragement to teammates
  • Notify the coach if unable to attend training or games
  • Have consistent attendance in accordance with BUSC and coach policies
  • Treat facilities and equipment with care
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to practice and 30 minutes prior to a game

Players will not:

  • Use profane language
  • Use controlled substances unless prescribed by a physician
  • Use tobacco or alcohol
  • Leave the field or training without informing the coach

Players are encouraged to train and club pass with other BUSC teams. Coordination will be done between the coaches. 
As a registered player with BUSC, players are not allowed to train or play with other WYSA clubs without prior approval from the Director of Coaching.

BUSC Managers

Managers will:

  • Have a valid and current WYSA-issued manager’s pass
  • Disseminate critical team information provided by the coach
  • Pay the referees and provide proper paperwork prior to each game
  • Return any unused referee fees to the club
  • Organize and hold player passes
  • Register their teams at tournaments

Please remember that team managers are not a complaint office. Any team-related matters are to be directed to the coach and DOC.

While it is highly discouraged, managers may have to collect money for winter leagues on a case by case basis. If at all possible, monies collected for winter leagues should go through the club.

BUSC Parents

Parental support is the single most essential gift a parent or guardian can provide their player. Burlington United can only be successful with the involvement and support of parents and guardians. BUSC appreciates the commitment and work it takes for a family to help our players succeed. It is particularly important that parents observe the guidelines set forth by BUSC, the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association, and the United States Soccer Federation in regard to the parent’s role in their player having a fulfilling athletic experience.

BUSC parents will not coach their player from the sideline. Coaching from the sidelines has been proven to be one of the single greatest detriments to player development and enjoyment.

Parents will:

  • Be encouraging and supportive of their child’s play on the field
  • Respect officials and linesmen and not verbally engage with them
  • Support coach, manager, team and BUSC functions
  • Volunteer their talents and services
  • Familiarize themselves with the Laws of the Game, WYSA policies, and USSF policies on player development
  • Comply with club policies and procedures
  • Comply with financial obligations to BUSC
  • Only discuss their child with the coach, not with the manager
  • Only discuss matters with coaches at a mutually agreed time, never before, during, or directly after a game. If a resolution cannot be made with the coach, the DOC will then be involved
  • Understand that opinion regarding strategy and playing time will not impact the 
way the coach or DOC coaches the players or team

Parents will not:

  • Interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach or manager, including coaching their player at training or games
  • Act in any way that is detrimental to the team or club
  • Engage in contact with players and families from other clubs in an effort to recruit to play at BUSC

BUSC Coaches

The coach is hired by the Director of Coaching, with approval from the BUSC board, and has the responsibility of coaching their assigned team. Coaching the youth of our club should be considered an honor, and coaches will conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism at all times.

Coaches will:

  • Have a current WYSA coaching pass
  • Attend coaching licensing clinics in accordance with their age group and level
  • Pursue their next licensing level
  • Attend club sponsored coaches training
  • Allow the team manager to handle money
  • Select a team manager on or around the tryout period
  • Keep up to date on all Laws of the game to include state, local and league rules
  • Support, promote, and attend club functions
  • Support and promote all extra club training, including but not limited to Goalkeeper 
Training, Speed and Agility training, Winter Training, and Coach Training
  • Keep manager informed of team schedules and information for dissemination
  • Send Sunday night recap email to their team and the DOC
  • Provide each family with expectations concerning game and practice attendance
  • Be available to parents to discuss their player only
  • Account for and secure all BUSC equipment
  • Promote the game of soccer and sportsmanship
  • Notify club officials of any incidents that may compromise the integrity of BUSC
  • Have no other contact with players from other clubs except for during WYSA designated open promotion periods
  • Refer all player inquiries immediately to the DOC
  • Take attendance at each training session and game
  • Refer all potential coaching candidates to the DOC
  • Refrain from negative comments and profane language towards players, coaches, parents, referees, or club
  • Provide honest and truthful evaluations of players’ skill
  • Help and assist other coaches when needed
  • Be ultimately responsible for their team during the games and training
  • For all tournaments, coaches will:
  • Prepare an itinerary for tournaments to include address of games, opponents, times to arrive, game times, team activities, hotel address if required, etc.
  • Attend at least two tournaments for U8 through U14/15 and one tournament for high school age groups
  • Encourage their teams to attend more than the minimum number of tournaments

On game days and at training, coaches will:

  • Never permit a non-licensed parent on the sideline for game or training coverage at any time
  • Arrive 30 minutes before games, 15 minutes before training, dressed in appropriate BUSC coaching attire: BUSC shirts are to be worn with proper footwear. Coaches should never wear sandals to games or trainings. Hats are never to be worn backwards
  • Greet and shake each player’s hands upon arrival at training and games
  • Develop a training plan for each training session to include warm up, small-sided, 
expanded small-sided, and game related activities
  • Coordinate with other coaches only for club passing, guest playing, and any extra 
training with other teams
  • Coach at least 1 indoor session and/or if a split team, coordinate help with the other coach
  • Be available for four hours of winter coaching
  • Attend coach training and meetings: nonattendance will be taking into 
consideration for future placement
  • Follow the training agenda technique and tactics in accordance with the format developed by the DOC
  • Never interrupt another coaches training session
  • Contact the DOC in sufficient time if unable to attend training or a game
  • Promote player development as the priority for their teams
  • Maintain and create a positive learning environment for players to achieve their fullest potential
  • Motivate and teach with positive reinforcement towards players, parents, officials, 
and other club members
  • Develop individual skills and tactics for players and teams to develop to the next level of play and enjoy the game of soccer
  • Ensure that all players have a pumped-up ball and wear shin guards at training
  • Never leave a player alone at a park after a game or training: always ask another parent to stay until the player’s parent arrives
  • Determine playing time and positions: player development is top priority
  • Determine formations and tactics with club DOC

At tryouts, coaches will:

  • Select players for their team (if coaching a competitive team) with guidance from the club DOC

BUSC Director of Coaching

The Director of Coaching has the single most important influence upon the players, coaches, and club. The DOC is the face of the club and must cultivate a positive culture and a love of the game within the club; this includes training, player development, coaching development, and parental education. The DOC must also provide a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience for all players. A consistent and visionary plan will ensure the clubs financial viability and ensure that the club will be able to provide services to the players and parents in the future.

The Director of Coaching will:

  • Develop a club philosophy and mission statement
  • Develop a club code of conduct
  • Organize tryouts
  • Conduct extra camps as needed
  • Develop and meet a financial budget with the BUSC board
  • Select the tournaments for teams
  • Develop training programs for all age groups
  • Develop speed and agility training, winter training, and goalkeeper training programs/curriculum and schedules
  • Assist the club in all club functions
  • Hire and place coaches with board approval
  • Report quarterly to the board on player, team, coaching, and club progress
  • Make final determination on player placement during and after tryouts
  • Determine if team movement needs to be made during the season
  • Determine which leagues teams will play in, and if any movement needs to be made between seasons
  • Train the coaching staff and provide coaching education opportunities
  • Attend training sessions and games of teams
  • Conduct performance reviews of coaches during the season at trainings and formally at the end of the season
  • Mentor the coaches and help them learn more and teach players about the game of 
  • Help market the club with Fundraising Director and Marketing Director

Failure to follow these player and parent guidelines can be met with consequences, such as loss of playing time. Repeated or egregious violations will be addressed by the DOC and Board of Directors and can result in a parent being banned from the sidelines or the player’s removal from the club.